On Sunday morning, June 22nd 2014, when Paul Amoroso demonstrated Reiki Energy working with horses was one of the most powerful and unique Reiki sessions I have ever received.  The horse received and gave Reiki which was AMAZING and POWERFUL. The first thing I noticed and felt at a distance of approximately 25 feet was Dancer, one of Paul’s horses with 2nd level Reiki, sending energy to one of the facilitators.Then it was my turn.  As I sat on Dancer, I felt Dancer’s muscle movement beneath me, and had the sensation of being rocked back and forth as a mother would rock a child.  I realized I was being the recipient of one of the most remarkable Reiki sessions of my career. Unlike horses, I have been around energy work for approximately 15 years, 8 years as a Reiki Master.  Never have I experienced energy work so powerful and unique as when Paul and Dancer did their work that Sunday morning. I left that day with a feeling of gratitude for Paul Amoroso and Dancer’s willingness to share their very special gifts. Looking forward to further opportunities to learn from Paul his unique abilities and skill with energy.


Marty Brennan, Reiki Master

I attended the fundamentals class a couple of Sundays ago and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I am a equine and canine massage therapist and practicing Reiki master. I learned so much from Paul and his horse Dancer that day. It was just absolutely incredible. The energy that flows through that farm from Paul, his wife, and all their awesome animals wonderful. I will definitely be joining them for the EEW classes at the end of August.

Thank you so much,

Angela Rahn,  Reiki Master.