Our Services

We have three classes through Equine Energy Work Academy to teach you how to work energetically with horses.  This includes a basic blocking class and attunement to Reiki I and II. Please go to Equine Energywork Academy for more information on classes.

Equine Interaction

We have several gifted equine energy workers in our horses.  The horse that is chosen for your interaction is based on the energy and type of treatment.  A treatment can be for a specific problem, be it physical, mental or emotional, of for basic well-being.  An interaction includes one session facilitated by Paul between you and your equine therapist.  This is a private session, but you are allowed to bring whoever you wish as an observer. The cost of a basic Equine Interaction is $80.    Please see Healing Heroes with Horses for special considerations and pricing veterans and people suffering from PTSD.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Contact Paul Amoroso at paulammoroso@yahoo.com or call 330-294-0583.

We are located at Amoroso Equestrian Center in Deerfield Ohio.