What is Reiki Horses?

Reiki is a well known healing energy that can be used on animals just as well as it can be used on humans.   Many people have been trained in Reiki - as a practitioner or even to the Master level - and are well versed in treating humans, but lack the extra training and techniques that get the exceptional results when working with animals. We at Reiki Horses specialize in horses, dogs, cats and other animals.  It takes a little different approach when you are working on animals, especially your own.

Our Senior Instructor, Paul Amoroso, is a Reiki master/teacher and equine practitioner. Paul has studied extensively Reiki, Qi Gong, Shiatzu, Christian Hands-on healing and other energy based healing therapies. He has a vast knowledge base and is effective in passing the Reiki frequency and knowledge to others.

Paul has being a horse owner since the age of 12, a licensed massage therapist and an energy working for the last 20 years. Paul has the knowledge and training it takes to design the lesson plans in order to pass this special skill set to those wanting to learn how to treat their own horses or what it takes to be professional equine therapist.

Our Services

We specialize in instruction so that our students become extremely knowledgeable and confident practitioners in any situation. That is why we take a several days per level to cover as many techniques and situations as possible.

Please see Equine Energy Work Academy for classes in Basic Energy Work as well as Reiki I and Reiki II.  For a personal session with you and your horse, please contact us by Email, Phone or Facebook.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Contact Paul Amoroso at paulammoroso@yahoo.com or call 330-294-0583.

We are located at Amoroso Equestrian Center, Deerfield Ohio.